Trainer Profile

STI accredited Trainer

Brijith Shaji

B.Tech (Fire & Safety), GradIOSH

Push yourself to your limits. Thats how you truly grow.


Brijith Shaji is an Internationally and Dubai Municipality certified Trainer authorized to conduct the NEBOSH, IOSH, HighField, Medic First aid and Scaffold Training Institute courses. Students and managers have described Brijith as both personable and dynamic who captivates participants using a combination of approaches—group exercises, short videos, accident case studies, images of hazards, and group discussion.

With almost 14 years in managing safety for small and large businesses, heavy and light manufacturing to construction, Brijith brings his experience into the classroom and creates an engaging learning experience for all.He has key roles that have included operationally planning for disasters, carrying out Safety Audits and implementing Remediation, Mitigation or Removal requirements.

He is a focused and hardworking person who enjoys imparting information to all ages and sectors of the community, communicating the importance of Safety. He work above and beyond the employers requirements at all times. As a trainer, his core capabilities include conducting safety / risk analysis at the work place and devising solutions to avoid safety hazards.