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With complete theoretical understanding and a set of hands-on exercises, this course provides with the knowledge and skills required to understand the possible risks of working in confined spaces.

The courses are well designed specifically which includes tower crane rescue, tunnel rescue, and confined space evacuation and rescue, which will teach the basic knowledge and information needed for a rescue incident.

Without an emergency plan, the organization may suffer serious losses, including several fatalities and even financial collapse. When dealing with any possible risks in the workplace, the organization should get familiar with the fundamental elements and concepts of crisis management. With our Arbrit rescue training course, you can ensure that any incidents are dealt with immediately.

This training is suitable for new rescue candidates designed specifically to supervise any emergency incidents. Our highly qualified and experienced training professionals equip students with technical expertise, instructional style, and presentation materials. The training emphasizes problem awareness and prevention.

A professional certificate is a credential given to an individual after undertaking a defined certification course and test.

As a leading HSE professional, we provide the best rescue training course to be more concerned about job safety, resulting in fewer accidents and injuries.

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Tower Crane Rescue

Rescue Training

Tunnel Rescue

Rescue Training

Confined Space Exit & Rescue

Rescue Training

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