Oil and Gas Safety Courses

We offer top-notch services that comply to industry safety standards and laws. This course is a professional qualification that helps learners to develop a solid understanding of the operational safety standards in the oil and gas industry while also demonstrating to employers that they have formal training and certification in the field.

Safety and health are prioritized in the oil and gas industry. There will always be risks involved because of the nature of the work, the harsh working environment, and the types of machinery utilized.

Our oil and gas safety courses are designed for professionals who want to work in technical and commercial fields by allowing them to discover the world of oil and gas in an interactive and engaging environment.

Our trained professionals, who have years of expertise in their respective fields, have the required abilities, knowledge, and resources to assist our clients in optimizing asset value at every level.

Candidates must achieve a minimum pass standard in the examination to be awarded the Arbrit Certificate in Oil & Gas Operational Safety.

All our training courses are designed to provide you the skills you need to succeed in the tough and ever-changing industry.

Please email any inquiries to marketinguae@arbritonline.com for more information on our oil and gas safety training.

Course Name Course Type Length
Confined Space Oil and Gas 2 session
Defensive Driving Oil and Gas 2 session
HAZOP Oil and Gas 1 session
H2S Oil and Gas 1 session
PTW Oil and Gas 1 session
TRA Oil and Gas 1 session
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