Fire Fighting Training Courses

Firefighting safety training is an important strategy for ensuring a safe workplace and preventing fires.

We have designed firefighting courses to deliver in-depth knowledge and skills to learners through both theoretical and practical training. Our firefighting course briefly covers fire marshal, firefighting, fire safety, and fire warden level 1.

This course will provide you with an overview of fire safety, as well as knowledge and advice to assist you to recognize, manage, and prevent the causes of fire dangers.

A workplace fire may be disastrous, especially if fire safety procedures have not been followed and staff members are uneducated. Making fire safety a priority and ensuring employees know what to do when tragedy hits can help to reduce damage and perhaps save lives. By training your employees from Arbrit, we can provide them with reassurance and confidence.

Our professionals are up to date on the most recent tactics and strategies for enhancing your technical, operating, and executive management abilities.

As one of the leading foundation levels HSE Professional courses in Dubai, we provide a safe working environment and save your company and the employees by preventing more expenses in the future.

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Course Name Course Type Length
Fire Warden Level 1 Fire Fighting 2 session
Fire Fighting Fire Fighting 2 session
Fire Marshall Fire Fighting 1 session
Fire Safety Fire Fighting 1 session
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