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  • Competitive salary for those wishing to apply and get selected for the vacancies.
  • Health and safety trainings with all the accreditions for those who want to get into the industry

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  • As specialist in health and safety, we review and advice on policy and working practices for organisations of all kinds and sizes.
  • We provide a true & comprehensive '360' recruitment service.
  • Short term and long term commitments.

Jobs are available for only for the listed below openings.

Current Job Openings

Experience : 5 years min.
Job description
  • Have at least 3 years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Shall have LEEA-UK qualifications "Entry Exam" and 4 day Appointed Person
  • Shall have COMPANY approved training company certification.
  • Have relevant oil & gas offshore and onshore lifting related experience of not less than 5 years in the same area of application
  • Able to prepare specific risk assessments for Specific and Critical Lifting Operations, along with the proper control and mitigation measures.
  • Responsible for briefing all persons involved in Lifting Operations and properly communicate and explain the relevant Lift Plans to the site Lifting Supervisor(s).
  • Able to plan and prepare both Generic, Specific and Critical Lift Plans, along with the relevant assessments such as selection of crane(s), lifting accessories, calculations, and lifting location drawings.
  • Be familiar with specific Standards, Regulations and Legislations such as BS7121, LOLER 1998 and QCS 2014.
  • Fluent use of the English language, both oral and writing.
  • Must located in UAE

Salary : 22000 aed-/

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