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Health and Safety - Mission & Purpose

There are no crossroads when it comes to health and safety training, and therefore our task is to provide quality, valuable training nationally in order to provide an increasing number of people with proper training and safe work.

Arbrit now has offices in locations in different countries, including UAE, UK, Qatar and India.HSE course in UAE is offered in and out of  the training center in major business centres, and clients across all types of industries are provided with consulting services. We believe that our rapid growth was supported by our efforts to achieve quality of health and safety course training, to contribute to the strength of everyone, to implement new processes and technology and to consistently improve quality education.

Bold History that Fuels the Future

Arbrit Safety Training and Consultancy has been rapidly expanding since the company started in 2006 and is now one of the leading HSE courses in UAE. We vow to always remain true to the key principles of the mission declaration, despite the progress.

Exceptionally oriented, with internationally accepted professional standards and best, practices, to provide maximum safety, learning and development.


HSE Training Research

Arbrit courses are intended for the contractor staff to be trained on a range of basic skills to an international standard.

  • The courses clearly show the need for realistic, practical material and, where necessary, have up-to-date or revised choices.
  • The functional aspect typically includes the current equipment used by company operators is available in all relevant courses.
  • Provide the full range HSE capacity to provide a one-stop shop for our clients with their entire HSE needs
  • Quality and service levels agreed and at affordable prices.

Our Clients

arbrit safety training facility
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